Wednesday, July 7, 2010

With school holidays here Ellie my 10 year old daughter wanted to have a few friends over for afternoon tea and for the girls to come dressed vintage it was a great afternoon.

Hi to all below are some pics taken from my dinner party it was such a wonderful night these are photos of my family and work mates i decided to have a dinner party on the condition they all dressed up with costumes from behind the stage at work. we have Mr & Mrs Mc Cloud Mr & Mrs Butler Lady Kathy Mr & Mrs Moorfoot and Lady Ellie.
How fortunate i am to have such wonderful family and wonderful people to work with.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hello everyone what a long time between blogs firstly our computer crashed we lost everything and have changed internet providers so it's been a while since i have jumped on board.I have handed in my assessments and passed them all 10 down 4 more left to do and i am home free it takes a lot of my time with work family and study dont seem to have much free time these days.I have had Ellie take some pics for me as the ones i was going to post i have lost them all i will over the next coming days have them posted until then stay happy !!!!!